i need asap the sheets, good or original, or even a correct tab of these 2 songs

Brouwer, Leo - Danza caracteristica
Brouwer, Leo - Un dia de noviembre

whoever has one of them, i am very very grateful XDDD

(ive gone up and down the resources page btw =P )
i got tired of my signature and i no longer has one

Seeking sheet music for "The WIzard of Oz"
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Quote by peterom11
If you willing to pay money, here is Danza Caracteristica and here is Un Dia De Noviembre. They will definetely be of good quality, however there are free versions here but I don't know about the quality.

If you are performing, then purchase the music. If you are only playing for your own benefit, then you could get away with relying on free scores. Again, if you are performing, I must insist that you purchase the score. You'll do yourself no favors by playing from an incorrect copy.
Sincerely, Chad.
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