Well just a month or so after getting a pretty phenomenal deal on a lite ash tele, I had a crazy good deal on an American strat land in my lap this week. I made a thread about it earlier in the week (thanks to all who helped me with the decision!). I came home today and made the purchase after some careful inspection. The final price was $550 for the following:

2007 Fender American Stratocaster
- Hardshell Case
- 10' cord
- Callaham Trem block & Original Fender Trem Block
- Callaham Bridge Saddles & Original Fender Bridge Saddles
- A Set of Lindy Fralin Blues Special pickups & The set of American Stratocaster Pickups

The guitar came with the LFBS pups installed, which sound great (although I want to hear the standard amer fender ones!) I got all the original parts and he even threw in a really nice guitar stand for free as well as some picks and a fender guitar strap.

I was hesitant but after meeting the guy he seemed trustworthy and his story seemed to check out. He had a lot of expensive things at his apartment and seemed like the type who may just get into something and get the best of the best and then feel fine dumping it later. Super nice guy! Everything is in perfect working order and sounds great. Now the debate is whether I sell it and make a profit, keep it and sell the lite ash tele to restock my bank account, or keep both (not likely...don't know if I can afford that!). The feel is a lot different from my tele but I do like it a lot. Also if I keep it, I will have to decide if I want to keep the LFBS pickups or go back to the stock americans.

A pic can be found here if you didn't see the original thread. Let me know your opinions! I will probably try to decide within the week. I figure if I sell my tele and sell some of the extra hardware I have for this I can easily break even which would be phenomenal...that being the case it only seems logical to keep the strat if for no other reason than the phenomenal value. How much would a one month old lite ash tele go for?
Beautiful, i love the white on maple. Good purcahse, 550 is a damn good deal.
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Ya I really can't believe it's true! That being said, I have done everything to try to prove it is a scam and can't see any way it is. Serial number checks out, looks real, came with all real hardware, case, etc. He even had the original fender sales tag w/ the exit inspection seal and everything. Came with the fender instruction manual and cleaning cloth.
Ya I feel like I should keep it too. Who knows. I am going to go listen to a standard american strat with the standard pickups and see if I wanna keep the LFBS's in it or switch back to the americans. Either way I will sell whatever set I don't want. I simply cannot afford to keep both guitars at this time. I would think I could sell the lite ash for somewhere around 500$ as it is in mint condition. We'll see. When I get back to school tomorrow I am going to sit down for an hour or two and play both side to side through my amp and see which I like better. If I get rid of that tele I sure am going to miss that bridge pickup sound from that beautiful SD pup. If I get rid of the strat then I'll always remember the one I let get away. If I keep both well then I better find a second job for a month or two
which SD pup do you have in tele?

i'm putting a Custom Custon TB-11 in my strat real soon, maybe this week.

i would keep the strat just cause you got such a good deal on it....think what that might be worth 10 or 20 years from now. it might be easier to replace your tele later when funds come back.

let us know what you decide.

It is just the standard SD alnico II pro pickup (both at the neck and bridge). Not only that but I love the birdseye maple neck and natural finish that mine has. The exact model I have can be found here . I just love those tones. But I think you are right...the tele, while special to me, really won't ever be anything too special and probably would never be as hard to replace. Not to mention if I changed my mind, this thing is likely to hold its value super well.

Not familiar with the pickups you speak of but I bet they are great!
Sorry - Seymour Duncan SH-11 Custom Custom Trembucker (TB) used in strats due to string spacing.

That is a pretty sweet looking tele so yes you have a hard decision to make but like you said, play both as extensively as you can and then chose the one you think ultimately you will be more happy with. (duh)

Good luck
Great deal. Its like I sold all my hardware from one guitar for $40. Included tuners, and edge III tremolo, knobs, lockin nut...The guy who purchased them must be happy. I know it could have made at least a hundred. But didn't care really. If I did that, others do the same. So it probably is not a scam, just a good deal.
Ya I'm pretty pumped. I just can't wait to get done with this semester so the summer can begin and I can start playing more than 1-2 hours/day.
That's hot, can't really say no to a good strat and if the guy was nice, all the better.

I'd probably keep the tele AND the strat though
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Trust me, that is what I want to do, however my bank account is telling me otherwise. However with classes over and finals week being the only obstacle between me and summer I will have a lot of free time on my hands to work and make up for the loss of funds.