your stare burns like fire
piercing me to my deepest core
you say your disapointed in me
and those words ring in my ears
like the explosion of a nuclear bomb
what i did was unforgivable, yet
you found a way to forgive
so gracious are you
so unworthy am i

what did i do to deserve you?
what can i do to even begin to make up for my wrongs?
nothing you say, my love is unconditional
"i died so you wouldn't have to"
"i suffered so you wouldn't have to"
you remind me of these things constantly
and for that i thank thee
when will i get to truly appreciate,
appreciate all you did for me?

with blood spilling from your body
you still forgave the entirity of us all
everyone, ever single last one!
all of us forgiven of every trespass we will make
you are the shepard and we are the sheep
yet you dare not lead us to the slaughter
but only to the sheers so we may be cleaned
good shepard you are, safe gaurd us
and lead us by still waters

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I bet some stoners in the pokeman world are smoking Oddish.

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I mean seriously. You could buy a half ounce of coke, and two good hookers for the price of becoming a level 50 elf warrior.