hey sorry if this is in the wrong forum i wasn't sure. but anyway, i'm going to a blues jam this weekend, and i'll probably only get to pick one song to sing and lead the band on. these are the songs that i'm thinking about but feel free to recommend others.....

Pride and Joy
Texas Flood
Cold Shot
Red House
Before You Accuse Me

fyi the house band that plays first usually plays thrill is gone, rack em up, im tired, and stormy monday so those aren't ones i'm considering.

thanx for any suggestions!
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I'd go with Before You Accuse Me. Texas Flood and Red House are a little too slow for my tastes, if you're only doing one song. The good thing about Before You Accuse Me is that it's not as well known as Pride and Joy. You'll have a little bit more room to play.
Before you accuse me would be great. The other ones are very stylistic toward their creators, and BYAM would definately allow a more free way to express yourself, which is what a blues jam is all about.

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