Hey guys.

Wanted some help identifying this guitar. My friend got it from his step dad. According to his step dad, his father had given it to him before he died. At LEAST 10 years ago. Not sure what it is, so any help would be great. Im pretty sure its an Epiphone Fat... something... the 210 is similar, but newer and has a bucker. Plus this one has the word Gibson on it in a very obvious way. The serial number is 70906026 and couldnt be read by the online decoder thing so im thinking 70's or 80's. It plays great but has some wiring problems. Can you guys tell me anything?

Well, the decoder didn't register it, and on the side notes it says guitars from the 80's are made in Japan and can't show up in the decoder as not much is known about them, so it is possibly an 80's Japanese Epiphone.
one of them....I can't really tell you much, I almost bought one from a pawn shop. It was reasonably priced but, I can't really justify buying another guitar at any price....
Sigh! This brings so many memories back!!~

Get the wires correctly done and i think you will have a guitar of a lifetime =D
I just wish that when i were younger i would had appreciated what i had and maybe i would still have my S-310.
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