i wana change pick-ups on my guitar but alot of people are telling me its not worthit unless you have a good enough amp....i dont no anythig about amps 2bh....i no mines not the best tho, its a marshall 15 cdr (thats what it says on the amp) so is it worth me changing my pick-ups or does this amp suck ass??

and if it does suck ass what sort of amp can i get thta doesnt suck ass and round about how much would i need to spend??


Your amps not great but realistically what sort of tone are you looking for, and people can suggest a good amp for ya
i play rock/metal...chilli peppers, avenged sevenfold, gnr etc

id wana spend as little as possible but i no that to get a good enough amp im proberbly gona have 2 spend a few hundred arnt i?

i dont wnat the best sort of amp thats gona set me back a bomb but if im gona get 1 then i might aswell get a decent 1 if u no what i mean...any idead how much roughly??

nd generally i prefer a thick warm humbucker sort of tone if that helps at all
Peavey VK can do that.
I get almost same chilli peppers tone from it, it can do metal(even if I don't play any) and it can do Hard Rock...
I spent 500€ on mine...it's 500$ in USA.
or you can get VK 112 that is a little more than 400$...
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i coulda swore i posted like a few paragraphs of info on this thread...but i don't see it. damn that was all helpful stuff i was thinking, well anyways yea ur amp is garbage and you want a new better one before pups!!
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On topic: Peavey VK112. best amp for that type of thing for one on a budget.
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