Hi guys, just wondering...

How long shoul you play before you can justify teaching a few kids how to play basics on the guitar? I have been playing 3 yrs ish now and was thinking maybe in 2 years I would start lessons from home... I am fairly good, nothing like a child prodigy, and I don't practice as long each day as I would like, but as I said, I'm okay. I want to only start teaching when I have good solid knowledge of theory and know my guitar. I know what a crap teacher can do to a young guitarist, and I went through 1 of my 3 years with no theory training, but not wondering what was wrong because I just focused on building up precision and physical skill. Luckily I am trained in piano for 5-6 years, so I knew some theory, but didn't even have the best teacher then. I then got a new teacher, got hour lessons and have found each week, each trick or aspect of theory from basic modes to the simplest harmonised scales and arpeggios add a new dimension to my playing.

Well, that was a HUGE rant and sorry... but anyway back to the qeustion. Could I teach after 4-5 years playing? Only absolute begginners or very basicly trained players.

And don't say "you just have to stay one lesson ahead of the kid!"
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Well I knew a kid who played guitar for 6 years but his dead now so he obviously cannot teach. And I know somoene whos been playing for 2 years but is really good. It all depends on how good you are.
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How long shoul you play before you can justify teaching a few kids how to play basics on the guitar?
If you have to ask, you're not ready.

Teaching is not only about skill. It's about preparing a system of lessons to take a student from nowhere to somewhere. Teaching beginners is absolutely the hardest, not the easiest. It's about learning to read the signs a student gives and adapting your plan to what fits best for his needs and abilities.
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Well officially, you need to have a grade 8 in guitar to become a certified teacher. But I think an intermediate-advanced level of theory knowledge and playing skill to match should do you fine for teaching beginners.
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dont sweat how quick your progressing, i heard that Jimi hendrix didnt get his legendary guitar skills until he was dead

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give the kid the guitar. let them figure it out, i did.

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You'll know when it's the right time because you'll feel comfortable teaching and knowing your stuff. It's about what you can do and what you know. If you can do it in a short time of playing, then great.