How does a capo change the key of a song? Because I have seen different frets mean different things and i dont understand.
the capo basically actls like a new nut, so instead of the open tuning being eadgbe its, f a# d# g# c f.
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The capo moves positions up by however many frets you place it, so if you played open on the low E string with the capo on the 5th fret you would be playing A meaning the basic E shape chord would be A, and A shape would be D, D shape would be G, a G shape C etc etc

If you was playing a basic 12 bar piece in E (E, A, B) with the capo on the 5th fret you have essentially changed the key to A (A, D, E)

Hope that explains it for you..
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A open chord with a capo is just a "lazy" bar chord so if you go by those you'll see how the key was changed