well,ok..i kinda got an impression that people on this site don't like boss pedals...why so?
I like them (in general). It's just that the ultra high gain ones (like the Metal Zone) are toneless and feel really cheap and cold.
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They are cheap, but crap. Regarding to other pedals they feck up your sound.
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Som distortion pedals from boss are crap. but i have an old boss ce-2 chorus that really rocks!
Boss pedals are good when you get their top models, but most people here are only going to be getting the lower models, and the quality really drops down with Boss when you hit the low-end.
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all of them are buffered bypass which after a while turns your tone into a tone as lifeless as a line 6

plus they kinda suck

i like how they look though

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

I'd rather my first pedal in the signal chain be buffered. Though I don't mind TB as well. Generally, Boss' higher pedals are the ones to look at. They're generally good, but some of their models (Metal Zone, Metalcore, most of their newer ones) really suck ass. Some of them are really good though, and they're kinda like the industry standard.
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Some of them are great, some of them are terrible. Most of the time they're good "workhorse" pedals for a fair enough price.
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I don't use any effect pedals, but I have a Boss tuner (TU2) and I love it. It works great, also for lower tunings with too thin strings.
It is a little tank, I don't if it is possible to damage that thing. ^^

I don't know about any other boss pedals though, but I watched a video about the DD6 and it seems quite interesting to play around with... but it's too expensive to get it just for fun for me. ^^

Quote by timzee117
all of them are buffered bypass which after a while turns your tone into a tone as lifeless as a line 6

plus they kinda suck

i like how they look though

yeah! i really like the design of their pedals...

what about the DD-6? is it a good for its money?
Mainly because of the bypass, and how on many of their pedals, it's hard to get a good tone out of them. I have a Boss Metalcore pedal and, though it sounds nice when you get it right, it's hard to get a good tone out of the thing.

The fact is mainly that Boss is an ok brand in itself, but there are other brands that may work better for your needs.
Bad Bypass

And there's almost always something better in the same price range by another company.
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Personally, I've never had a problem with any Boss pedals. Yes there are some I don't care for (Mostly distortions, save for the DS-1), but I wouldn't call any of them downright bad.

Yes, their delay pedals eat batteries, but other than that, I'd call Boss the Glock of the pedal industry. They're very durable, sound decent, and work every time.

I forgot how I worded it in a previous post, but in a live situation as long as an effect is present, it is passable to anyone. If you go to switch on your $800 boutique Flanger and your sound disappears, the drunken baboon in the back of the bar is going to notice.
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I quite like the Metal Zone one (it is the only one I've ever used :P).

My mates dad has one and I use it sometimes. Can't think of a bad thing about it really.
Bad bypass actuelly...
They'll will eat youre sound away if you have a couple of them between youre amp and guitar

Anyway I use a TR-2 tremolo , its the only boss I got , does the job good and if you only have 1 or 2 , it shouldnt be such a problem.
The irony is the Boss GT series is considered oen of the best multi effects units on the market due to the quality of it's sound. I do agree their pedals are so-so, but can be made better with a few easy mods.
thier tone is lifeless...bought a metal zone, brought it back and got the Metal Muff. its so much better its crazy, much more versatile
Quote by NoobOnZone
well,ok..i kinda got an impression that people on this site don't like boss pedals...why so?

because everyone has their own personal preferance, and everyone else likes to jump on the bandwagon about something (member of the I hate MGs because everyone else does. PM me to join ).....BTW, i like my CE-5 and DD-20

EDIT: that MG group is a joke, i better not get any PMs
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mainly the distortion pedals suck..
like the metal zone.. lol

Actually a friend left it at my house once and I hooked it up to the clean channel and got a rather decent tone out of it.. not a good one but just for a little stompbox distortion it was quite alright, but I still think their distortion pedals suck but some other stuff is really good.
i have some Boss pedals, they are just as good as my other ones, although the compressor broke(low end given to me for christmas) they aren't bad, i only hear bad things about the distortions though, try a pedal before you by it...
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