So as one would imagine, i have alot of idea built up from my teenage angst. And today i was thinking it would be a rather painful job to go through all the riffs and licks and arrange them into songs.

So what i want to do is, amass all these ideas into a single track. The length would probably be something around 30-60mins. Is there a free VST program that will let me make a track this long. And do you guys think its a good idea? Obviously it wont be very commercially accessable but im definatley not aiming for that.

Thaughts? Sorry if this is borderline wall of text.
I'd arrange it into songs - you will want to do that eventually, I think, so you might as well do it now.
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And i am not a normal teenager.

That's exactly what a typical teenager would say.
Two points...

1) Divide it up into sections
2) Are you anywhere near ready to tackle the equivalent of a concept album? If you can't write a simple three minute song that sounds good, you're nowhere near ready to write a 60 minute song that sounds even remotely interesting.
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Since when did green day do prog?
And i am not a normal teenager.

Yes yes, I'm sure you're a dark little butterfly of fear and loathing.

Arrange it into tracks, prog isn't random riffs thrown together over 60 minutes.
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Since when did green day do prog?
And i am not a normal teenager.

Thats sounds like such a normal thing for a teenager to say lol.
Back on topic: what you have to realize, TC, is that even if prog bands take elements from blues-based music (rock, metal, funk, etc.), prog is closer to classical music than the blues. An important part of the genre is the development of themes. What I would suggest is to take each of your short ideas and vary and elaborate on them as much as possible, remembering to write down each good variation. When you feel like you've gotten just about all that you can out of an idea, move onto the next and perform the same procedure. By developing your ideas, you're bringing yourself closer to real composition. The trend with prog has been to include a few different sections and melodies to tunes, so try to find the ideas that could flow from one into the other.

Also, I think every musician needs to realize that not ALL of their ideas are instant classics; the vast majority of ideas that I come up with are mediocre at best, and the same is probably true of you and anyone else on this board. Really analyze your ideas OBJECTIVELY, and try to make better the ones that don't really match up, or if one of them is just ****ty, throw it out. Other than that, I don't know what to tell you.