what should i learn first?

should i learn to play chords first

or should i learn to read tabs and play easy songs

i cant afford to get a teacher ...so im thinking of learning on my own
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You should play what you want to play and that is not to difficult when you start, just make sure you're playing with the right tecnique and using a pick etc. When you've felt how it is to play and such you should begin to learn theory.
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As demonstrted in bill and teds excellent adventure and my own personal learning method
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yeah learn theory as soon as u can, learn how chords are made and how scales are formed and where they sit on the neck. ive only just started learning it and i wish i had learned it 5 years ago. also try and learn every note on the neck, or atleast on the E and A strings.
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First thing I learned was to read tabs. Just started with easy songs and worked my way up.
i started learning chords first and getting my finger placement right and all at the same time. it helped later on when i started playing faster songs. But i would recommend learning the theory of guitar (even though i havent yet), it would help you understand what you are playing
1)Learn tabs
2)Learn basic chords
3)Learn some basic rock riffs
4)Learn some scales
5)Learn basic theory eg: Whole step half step, musical alphabet
6)Learn whatever you want
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I've been learning on the most awkward way and im self taught D:

Learn to read tabs, learn major and minor chords (that should make for a while later you can learn the 7's and 9's and etc) like now is the best time to start learning theory, get someone to help you in this and you should be ok (a friend from school maybe or anything would work atm hehe) after you learn to read music and you have mastered almost everything above then might be able to go into more difficult stuff and you can say that you actually know something.

When you're learning alone one of the most important things is to have a LOT of creativity for stuff's and have an open mind to understand everything (GOD how i wish i had a prof. 2 years ago when i started...)
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scroll all the way to the top of this page (yes, this one!) and click on "lessons"

do all of them and youll be grand.
Thank you please.
I just started playing about 6 months ago. I was learning chords and scales, but it just got boring for me. I jumped right in and started learning some G&R solos, and some other rock and roll riffs. Now I'm finishing up learning the rest of the songs that I know the solos to.

I know it can be overwhelming at first. I took the approach to just have fun. It worked out for me. I would try to watch as many beginner DVD's as you can find. They will teach you proper technique for sitting, holding the guitar and holding the pick, things like that. You just don't want to form any bad habits. I will tell you I learned a lot from JustinGuitar.com He is a cool guy, and his website is FREE. I guarantee you will learn some good stuff.

So check out that website and have fun. Don't make it a chore.
Yeah, u can definitely find a lot of info online for beginning guitar -- and most of it is free. All kinds of videos on youtube and stuff -- but beware....

I just got from the "beginner" level to the "intermediate" level -- but it was with help from an online course that I had to pay for. I had started with the free stuff but the problem was that I couldn't ORGANIZE the free lessons in any kind of moderately rational way.. I was always switching between various videos and there was no order to anything. So I was trying to do scales when I should have just been dealing with really basic picking technique and etc.

So eventually I decided I need to do an actual online course -- http://consumerfilter.org/products/jamorama -- it actually worked pretty well! I might recommend you try it out.

find a song with just simple chords or picking
learn it
find something a little harder, maybe some bends and HO/PO's
learn it
learn more of those
practice alternate and economy picking when you play
sooner or later it comes natural and you dont have to think anymore

big hint
chances are, most of them will be slightly wrong
take a marker or pen and correct them
this will help you learn by ear
which is huge to making you any good
when you change your tuning, do it by ear
then check it with a tuner
sooner or later you can throw your tuner away

learn theory
learn advanced techniques(sweeping, tapping, etc.)