i have have my guitar for about month now and iam still learning my chords (i have only just got into it about a week ago) and iam deciding wether to have lesons or not.

is it best to get lessons or try and learn myself. and if i do get lessons is it best to have the main chords learnt already.

also if any1 has any really basic tabs and chords songs (i mean really basic) would you please post them and it will be very much appreciated.

thanks for you help in advance
I think it's quite useful to get a teacher. I didn't, and there were a few technical things I got wrong - eventually I fixed it myself, and my technique is fine now, however it was extra effort that you have to put into changing your foundation of playing, which can be quite annoying.

It's definitely doable to learn guitar without a teacher or anything, but the key in doing so, is to keep questioning what you do and if it's the correct way. Wrong technique can lead to shoddy fretting and vibrato, strain on your hand/arm/elbow and even stuff like carpel tunnel or RSI.
if you really want to learn then take lessons, but if you're not that bothered, being forced is just going to put ou off
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learn youself, being forced to do it will only make you resent it

Or it might be the push he needs.

I prefer having lessons, because I don't have the self-discipline to learn it myself. It is easier to learn if you are being taught. There are some good lessons around on this site by the way.
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If you have no musical background then lessons would be useful. I found them so.

You could have lessons for a while to kickstart you then go solo. I did, ditched teacher last night actually.
i get classical lessons and have for years, and have played electric on the side. by getting taught classical i have learnt heaps of theory, pretty good technique and all that, and have never really needed to teach myself much technique for electric, i have just been able to get tabs learn songs and play them.
i suggest you learn classical, but yeh personal preference so if you think classical music is **** dont listen to what i just said. other wise i recommend it.
Definitely take lessons.

Make sure you get a good teacher though, that makes the difference between win and fail. I went to my first lesson at 12. Paid 50 bucks for him to change my strings and tune my guitar for an hour. Next lessons were in highschool, went a lot better.

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my teacher wouldnt teach me what i wanted (theory) and ony taught me chords. and spent most of my time tending to customers in his store
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If I could have afforded lessons when I was starting out I would have taken them. Heck, I'd even take a few now if I wasn't so busy.

You won't regret it later if you take them.
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