2 months ago I put my hand through a window (nothing to do with alcohol....honest) and severed tendons in my middle finger and ring finger.

After 2 months of physio I have started to try and play guitar again, but its still really difficult to do anything.

I was wandering if a similar thing had happened to anyone else or if anyone has any tips for building strength in my fingers and hand again.


P.S. sorry if this is in wrong forum.
My day job is massage therapist, and I have seen many similar injuries. You are dealing with scar tissue at this point. The more you can move and use those fingers the sooner you will fully recover. Find a local MT who specealizes in these typs of injurys.
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In order to build strength back into the fingers, give one of these guys a try: http://www.sportsunlimitedinc.com/gripmaster-light-tension-hand-gripper.html

Do not do this.

If you've been in PT, talk to the therapist about it. If you haven't been to a physical therapist, find one. Have absolute metrics on what's going on with your hands and what is safe to do with them.

Seriously... nobody here is qualified to evaluate your injury or the extent of healing, and possible damage you could recur if you start over working it. Especially on a damned forum. Talk to your doctors.
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