I have just started getting into photography, pretty much of just band photography

anyway i would apprectiate if you took some time to check it out and crit,


the most recent ones were from today which was my first time doing promo shots, under solid proof promos'

There OK dude. You've certainly started OK. If you want real feed back though create a flickr account and add the photo's there. MySpace is **** for viewing photos. You can join a flickr group for band photography and get some feed back from pro photographers.
Upload some to the photography thread. Not everyone have myspace and can view them.
ok thanks for the tips im going to make a flickr
any more crits?

metal dazza: thanks aye, im kinda new to photography and yeah would apreciate any help, any more??
Put your money into some lighting, a lot of your shots have shadows around the faces.
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yeah they do=[, might i add im only a student, and im not takign photography or anything, im just doing this for fun but yeah thansk for the tip,
Quote by metalicarules24
Put your money into some lighting, a lot of your shots have shadows around the faces.

If you are doing outside shots this doesn't need to cost a lot, just a reflective board (big sheet of white cardboard) at an angle, low down, reflecting on to the band can remove a lot of the shadows. You gotta be careful though.... you can loose depth and make everyone look odd.

The band promo shots you did of Solid Proof have some interesting arrangements of band members but it really shows that they are bricking it (nervous). Half the work of a photographer is getting the subject to relax. It sounds weird but it can take a long time to get the confidence to pose in a band photo.

Anyway, forget us lot here, get active on flickr, I've seen some excellent band photo's from there. You'll get great feedback I am sure.
thanks heaps metaldazza, yeah well that was Solid Proof's first time doign a promo shoot, and same with mine, =\ so yeah, for a first time on both accounts it was ok i think..... well yeah, thanks woudl still love any ,more feed back, i haev a flickr account now,





theres a few hope you enjoy
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