i have a crap starter pack guitar (s101), a washburn wv16 (anarchy flying V) and a randall RX20D amp.
i was lookin for a new amp, and i found the line 6 spider III 30 watter for 300$, and i noticed a cort hanging from the rack.....
it was an X-6, it cost abt 400$, but they say they'll do a discount if i get it w/ the amp, 10-15%.....that wld make the grand total 630-595$.....
do u think its worth it?????
plz help!!!!
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Not sure on the guitar, but whatever you do, avoid the Spyder Line 6 and all of its models. You can find something much better for the price, like a VOX or Roland Cube, I believe.
Don't even think about it!!!
Cort's are crap guitars and spiders are crap amps! They are trying to shill that crap off to you! Look for a better deal
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dont buy that spider line 6 amps sux ass for pedals they are good besides that dont buy anything from them
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That amp, Line6 Spider III, is one of the worst sounding amps I've ever played on. I mean it. The digital effects on it are horrible, the clean channel is maybe the worst. If you buy that now you will regret it when you discover how bad it is. A friend of mine has it, and everytime I've tried it, it makes me think my own amp is the best in the world.

I almost bought a Spider III, but the guy in the store said it really wasn't so good (think if everyone was like that!) and pointed at the VOX Valvetronix instead. I would advice you to buy the VOX Valvetronix as it's a great amp for the money, and sounds really good.

And look at another guitar!
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