Before going to buy a new guitar, I think I should get a better, well I know, I should get a better amp, I have a Marshall MG DFX250 right now... okay so I'm looking for a Laney VC-30 except 3 models want a little help in choice.

There is the
-VC-30 110
-VC-30 210
-VC-30 212

Pretty sure this is the speaker size or what ever, but would someone be able to suggest which one I'd be looking for or does it jst create a greater and larger sound?
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Get the 112, the 212 is, well, massive and will be a pain to lift, and you pay more for the 210 when the 112 sounds just as good.
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The VC30 range has a 4th model; the 112. Yea, it does refer to the speakers.

110 = 1 x 10" speaker
210 = 2 x 10" speakers

When I bought mine I chose the 112 simply because the extra speaker didn't really add a great deal to the sound to compensate the extra cost or the extra weight (it's still fairly heavy).
Plus I'll be quite honest, it sounds amazing. The extra money you save on not getting the 2 speaker model you could put into some better tubes for it and save the stock ones as backup.