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nonobang ftw

edit: it sucks that martin mendez cut his hair, no more nonobanging awesomeness
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I'm smart enough not to bang my head as i will turn into Angus Young.

Talking like a ****ing retard


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Quote by sugar_daddy
(and a sore neck in the morning).

Ah gees, I remember back in the day when I used to get sore after concerts or just a fun night with my friends listening to tunes all night long.
After some time though, like any muscle, the neck and shoulders will get used to the tension and stretching. And soon you'll be windmilling for hours with no side effects.

You know what is the funniest thing about finding your buddy's camera while he is passed out at a party?
-Having everyone gather around to watch the videos he filmed of himself getting high then really get into headbanging.

Ah the simple pleasures of realizing most of your friends and yourself are getting older, but you still like to hang out with teenagers (at least the ones that are awesome musicians to play with)
I generally do the half circle, with the whiplash and full circle thrown in. I love the headbanging variations; it is easily the most complicated and skillful form of dance ever created. Fuck the Tango or the Waltz, if you want skill, headbang.
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yea man, who ever doesnt like pantera or think they suck doesnt like metal, end of discussion, they changed the freakin world n made history, so don't be sayin they suck, have respect, same goes for machine head n lamb of god cuz their good too
metal health will drive you mad
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I bang my head.

When I went to Dream Theater, there was this guy who was jumping up in the air, then landing, propelling his head onto the ground. He repeated this for the whole concert.
the whip/circular swing. I'm not sure which

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I've been wondering how to headbang for awhile. I've yet to meet a person who has an orifice in which my head can fit.
If I do the Windmill or the circle related ones, there is a good chance I will be really dizzy.
Windmill, whip, low profile.
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I once got shocked by a spider amp.

I got powers like spiderman did, except I model everyone else's powers poorly.

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why not, i started using the zakk wylde boomers and now every third note i hit is a pinch harmonic

Something between half-body and full-body. I have really long hair (it goes down past my waist), so headbanging requires a lot of effort and space, so I don't do it often.
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stupid ppl (they're like slinkies, not good for much, but they make you smile when pushed down the stairs)

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Holy non-gender specific pronoun Batman!

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you dont rly play guitar if you dont shred
the gallop
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Whaaaat, Headbanging is for losers lol. I dont headbang, I dance to the music, dannnce to the musiic.
Usually just up and down, but occaisionally I'll no no.

During heavy riffs and really easy energetic riffs I'll windmill. It's kinda though, doing vocals whilst headbanging
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cuz ppl hate how power metal they are cuz they think its "gay" or w.e, which is immature and dirogitory

with my whole upper torso

Emotion = true music


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I bang for a bit, then do the swirly thing.

It looked ALOT better when I had long hair.
Love the swirly thing.
I do kind of a left-right thing, kind of the V, but not so much up and down.
I actually do have schizophrenia, so stop making fun of people who have it.

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Upon reading it again, I realized that I really just do all of them in a very unorganized manner. 95% of them are a common part of my arsenal. lol.

EDIT: ...and then I trip over a dog and hit my head on a couch... ow....
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I go up and down, and my legs also get involved; I tend to make small hops back and forth
I know exactly what I think I'm doing.
Quote by jetfuel495
The up and down (like normal people)
the Windmill (like the crazy swedes)
The half-circle (again, like the swedes)
The low-profile (DAVE MUSTAINE!!)

but generally i do some sort of half body variant

What he said, except for the half body thing. And is it me, or is Slipknot mentioned in most of the different types of headbanging?
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Ah fuck, I can't believe you've done this. Now I need Cheez-Its.

This was directed to me by the way.
I used to do it up-and-down. Now I rotate. It feels a lot more awesome, more metal.
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Kensai, I think I'll get a flamboyant sig.

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Kensai, I think I'll get a flamboyant sig.

Quote by Sonicxlover
Kensai, I think I'll get a flamboyant sig.

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Up and down or low profile usually. But if I'm feeling particularly saucy, I'll do a circle.

Does anyone else have to put their hands on their knees when they do a windmill?
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