Happy birthday to me....

Yea I got like 250 dollers, 2 books (Black Sabath biography and a stephen king book)

And some other useless crap...

so umm... Yay me?

So this isnt spam: What was your best birthday present?
Your present from me is despair.

Embrace it, it's basic politeness.
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is a bidet a type of crisp?
compliments of nofx:
happy birthday, you're not special. you're getting older, but not much better. we all want to embarrass you, that's why we're singing this song. so happy f*cking birthday. you're not special. you're a crack wh*re.

hip hip hooray hip hop hooray
Happy Birthday!

Let's see my best gift this year was a new set of humbuckers for my Ibanez, A Dimarzio Evo and a Fred
Out here you've gotta know where your towel is!
Happy Birthday
T'was mine on Monday too, hurrah! Purchased me a Keeley DS-1 Ultra that just arrived today, YES!
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condoms lol. happy b-day

hey i got that too
but my penis is too small and i couldnt put it on