Basically a re-writing of a song i've had for ages but never been happy with lyrically and melodically.


Working 9 to 5 you
look like ****
You wanna live and breathe but you
ain’t got time
But time ain’t a thing that you’ll never
have enough
So what the hell are you
Waiting for

Freedom is often said
But hardly ever felt
We get caught up in bull****
That don’t matter in the end
That don’t matter in the end
It don’t matter in the end

So come trippin down the
long black strip
that funky feeling will come
up inside
Throw your favourite song on
The CD
Now your pulse is racing to the beat
of your drums


So go back to your
9 till 5
And remember what
life is about
Don’t go shorting the time
you got left
And live life to all
that you want

Washburn RB2500 (5 String)
Yamaha BB400 Fretless (1981)
Carlo Giordano 3/4 Upright (White)
Cort Action 4 (Stereo-fied)
Orange Bass Terror 500
Orange 1x15 Cab
Boss GT-6 Bass Multi-effects