Hey guys I jsut bought a Fender Superchamp xd and its awesome sounding highly recommended.. However! I tried the amp in store straight out of the box, the person who packed it forgot the bloody power adaptor! I live a fair 2 hour drive from the store so I'm not planning on going back there so I will ask to have it mailed to me. WHY?

Anyway what I wanted to ask the amp says 240volts on the back and the power adapter on my computer is also 240volts. If I plug it in with that adapter will it work fine? Or are there other risks I'm not seeing. I am poor with electronics.

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It might. I'd advise looking into it alot further though, I've done it once, but I was young and stupid. It still worked however
It's the output you have to worry about.

An adaptor transforms 110-165V 60Hz alternative current (if you live in the States - 220-240V 50Hz in Europe) into direct current. If the circuitry in the guitar is very sensitive, a few volts and/or milliampere off could deepfry it (= not good).

You can look it up in the guitar user manual, and it must be written on the back of your spare adaptor.

Also the jacks must correspond.
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