I have to admit that a part of the reason my build was put on hold was because I was slightly intimidated by the thought of routing the inlay cavities into my board and messing something up... now that I started doing it i realized it's not all that bad to do... just gotta be real careful.

my question to you all:

I have a dremel tool with the dremel router attachment and already it's leaving much to be desired. Has anyone done a side by side comparison with the LMI, Stewmac and/or dremel router attachments? if so, what are your opinions of each? I may look into a more "precision" tool but i'm not sure if theyre worth the money.

the problem i'm seeing with the dremel is a slip/stick motion when the plunger is traveling down the shafts and the springs seem to have a lot more tension than i'd like to see (even after locking in place the dremel will creep upward a little bit) also, the tool tends to "rock" a little after locking the router in place (only one lock screw kinda sucks )

also, are there any mods i can do to this tool to make it more stable and reliable instead of dishing out 60 more bucks for the stewmac or 75 for the LMI?
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