I'm considering a complete overhaul of the rig during June and July in order to facilitate setup/teardown and to make the whole thing a little more user friendly when performing. At the very least I plan on adding a few things to the rig and doing some signal-routing changes, but I'm already doing the two-step and the three-step to change between certain necessary tones. Here are the "major" pieces in the current lineup:

Guitar w/ built in touchpad
Soldano Decatone
Genz Benz G-Flex 2x12
Kaoss Pad KP2
ISP Decimator ProRackG
Little Lehle Switcher/Looper

and they're routed as such:

Guitar -> Tuner -> ISP Ch1 -> Amp Input -> FX Send -> ISP Ch2 -> Lehle Input -> Lehle Send -> KP2 ->Lehle Return -> Lehle Out -> FX Return -> Cab

If I expand on this, I'll add an Xotic Pedals Compressor and a Midi controllable Whammy that can be accessed via the guitar's touchpad. I'll move the Lehle to bypass the Whammy instead of the KP2 and I'll keep the KP2 unit close the the amp (reducing the signal path by about 20 feet) and remote switch it in/out with a Radial Loopbone and a simple latching footswitch. This would give me the Whammy capability (big issue for me) and a few more tonal options with the compressor as well as boosting the highs a bit (long cable runs suck sometimes).


I've also been thinking of going to a Midi controlled rack setup. My rig is horrifyingly difficult to setup/teardown as the pedalboard has about 9 cables running in/out of it that (even with being labeled) make for a terribly difficult time on a dark stage trying to trace everything and make sure it's all hooked up properly, and my setup range is limited to about ten feet from the amp without having to reinvest a couple hundred bucks in longer cables. I've been thinking of doing a rackmount seutp as such:

Rocktron All Access
RJM RG-16 Switching System
TC Electronic G-Major
Korg Kaoss Pad KP3
Furman Power Conditioner

Of course I'd need to drop a few hundred bucks on cables, get a rack case, and a slide out drawer for the KP3 so there are certainly some hidden costs). I would have to retire my KP2 as it's been modified extensively and exclusively for use with my current pedal board. Replacing it with a KP3 is only logical. I would have to get the All Access as a Midi controller as it's the only controller capable of sending all the necessary information to do preset changes in a Kaoss Pad. The RG-16 is a necessary choice over other switching systems as it can control my Amp as well as offering a buffer, 8 bypass loops, and phantom power to the All Access. The G-Major has (in my opinion) a better Whammy function than the actual Whammy and with the use of a Midi router I can control almost all of it's parameters (Whammy and otherwise) with the touchpad as well. Basically this would be an ideal setup as the signal path would be short, all the controls would be simple and I'd have the ability to cut the ProRackG in/out without having to push buttons on the actual unit.

So.....the question is:

Is going to a rack rig worth the $3500 it will cost to do so
ESP LTD EC-256 and a Fender Deluxe VM