how do get the santana sound on my line 6 spider III amp? i just bought it and its still shipping but will it be possible to get his sound?
with much experimenting, sure
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It's possible to get a great set of sounds out of the Spider III.
You've just got to have the paitence on figuring it out.
It's one of those things that you actually should read the manual for as it is actually a good amplifier, (although the majority of UG out there will disagree)
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Yeah... with a Spider III you are gonna need to experiment a whole hell of alot..
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i just like all the presets..... i noticed that all the music stores stopped selling line 6 stuff cuz i was just gonna buy a POD but no one had it. i needed a new amp ne way. mine couldnt handle my sheer power. or my distortion pedal....
there are some really great presets on there... also alot of **** ones.
I like my spider, its a great practice amp. Not a gig worthy series though.
ESP ltd Viper 500s
Ibanez - RG 321 (EMG 81 / 85)
Ibanez K5 (original model)
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which watts are you getting? the general rule of thumb is to not get a Line 6 Spider III unless its 15 watts, the rest are a waste as its only good as a practice amp

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If you would've gotten a tube amp, you couldve had a better santana sound than the spider III will ever have.

I think he uses mesa boogie amps.
Santana uses a Mesa Boogie Mark I.

l0l good luck getting his tone on a line 6..

the only way is to get his gear.
Ya santana uses a BIG A** Mesa Boogie custom. Good luck getting his tone out of a solid state crap spider.
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Geez, I knew he was on a lot of stuff back in the day, but on spider, too? Damn.
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Quote by stitches31
how do get the santana sound on my line 6 spider III amp? i just bought it and its still shipping but will it be possible to get his sound?

Hey Stitches, here's a few links to get you started. . . I'm sure you can find Santana settings and many other tones settings here. . .

Use the "tabs" at the bottom of the page to navigate on this site for preset/settings. . .
Setting for all Spider presets


Get familiar with this site for help with your Spider settings/tones and other issues:
Go here. . .

Spider support

then click on "Share your settings/spider III" and if you can't find something you really want just post a thread and these guys will try to help with tones.

These links will help a lot. I own a Spider III and I would suggest really getting to know how to dial in your own settings and hooking up with some of the Spider owners on the links I've provided and they all know a lot about line6 gear.

If you buy a tube/preamp like the Behringer MIC200 ($50) and set it on "valve" between your guitar and the Spider III on the "clean" channel you will find that you can get some really warm tones and still have all the other benefits that the Spider III has to offer without the $$$ of a great tube amp. . . and when it comes to replacing tubes you will only be replacing the one and not all the rest like you would with a tube amp and bias/reset.

I'm assuming that you have to work for your gear and don't have mommy/daddy to pay for everything like some here and in that case your Spider III was a good choice.

You can always get another tube amp when/if you start gigging or when you can afford it and your Spider III will get you through until then and will still be a great practice amp.

Hope this helps!
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You know, a whole lot of people who have posted in this thread have a stinking attitude and are of no help to the thread starter. Some of you ought to start being more civil and pleasant and learn to grow up!!

To the thread starter, I'm sure you'll be able to get a santana kinda tone out of the spider. Generally you'll want a classic gainy sound with alot of mids, roll back on the treble and have a fair bit of bass. Use your neck pickup and tweak using your guitar's volume and tone controls and you'll get something pretty close.