Would you think its healthy to play a guitar in drop c tuning straight after changing strings?

Personally I think not such a good idea?

Or moreover, how long would you play it in standard before tuning it down?

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its really not going to make much of a difference, the string tension difference is nominal.... i assume you're worried about warping?
y wouldnt it be a good idea?
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na, you can do it, no worries
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Just make sure the guitar is set up for drop C
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Just seems asking a bit much from the guitar.

I noticed in standard I hear a bit of fuzz from the E & A strings bouncing off frets right after changing them, playing acoustically, but that goes away over time I've experienced.

So I was just thinking drop C would make it worse.

Either that or I'm doing it wrong.

Ibanez Iceman IC400.

And Daron Malakians custom triangle pick.

Thats all you need to know.
There's nothing wrong with going straight to drop C...thats basically the only tuning I use...the fret buzz could be from your action being set for standard tuning...I had to raise mine some b/c the strings are looser and more likely to hit the fretboard
its made of wood.. not porcelain.

it won't crumble to pieces under a bit of different tension
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i hope you know that you're really supposed to set up your guitar and re-intonate it for every different tuning for optimum playing and performance....it wouldnt be "bad" but its not going to feel right/might be a little loose
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