how'd di it sound?

im thinking of buying a Hellraiser and selling my Flextone to get some $$$ for a Valveking 2x12

also..i gig sometimes so would it be better to go for the 2x12 or 1x12?
I have too, sounds pretty awesome imo
Very heavy, rich harmonics!
apparently the 2x12 is better but im not sure >.<
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I've played them seperately. The Hellraiser rocks! The Valveking is a decent amp, it sounded a bit hollow to me for a tube amp, but certainly better than an SS.

And oh yeah, 2x12 for gigs. A 1x12 can do small places, but looks ridiculous. 2x12 will get over the drummer easier.
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Sounds pretty good, I've tried this too.

Shoot for a 2x12 if you need better bass response, as well as higher headroom/more wattage (I believe the 2x12 is 100w and the 1x12 is only 50). Also, you have the option of swapping the stock speakers with two different new speakers, which would give you more diverse tonal options.
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hows the distortion on them? I have to use a pedal now b/c the MGs suck but I'm getting rid of it soon and leaning towards the valveking.
the distortion is more like an overdrive, not a lot of gain, but it will get the job done on lighter stuff like classic rock. however pedals work great with it. ive used a myriad (yeah a myriad) of pedals on them and they sound great. just be sure to use the bright switch for distortion.
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ok because i mean a used valveking 2x12 at like $500 isnt that bad imo

Dude what the **** you can get 5150 combos for $600!
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I think tonewise the 2x12 is better than the 1x12 (a little fuller sounding due to the two speakers), and either can handle a gig really (most places should be able to mic the amp anyway). The 2x12 will offer a little bit more headroom (being 100watts vs 50watts). The amp alone can easily do metal, so other than fine tuning and/or tightening up the distortion, you really don't NEED an OD pedal.

The only other thing I would suggest getting (and this goes for pretty much any amp) would be an EQ pedal.
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