Alright, I usually play guitar for atleast 4 hours a day usually closer to 5 or 6 switching randomly between acoustic and electric. Now my fingers on both hands get pretty cramped after a long playing session (I finger pick). How do you guys who play this much take care of this? On my left I of course have huge caluses (sp?) but yesterday I was playing my electric with some pretty light strings and sliced open my ring finger. Any thoughts on preventing this?

Also, if you slice your finger on a string, superglue fixs it right up.
stretching exercises when you first start up will help prevent this. Check out Vai's 10 hour workout, there are some perfect ones on there
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Also, if you slice your finger on a string, superglue fixs it right up.

heheh i wouldn't even think of trying that..

anyway, i've never really had a similar problem, especially not like slicing a finger open.. i can't imagine how that could happen either, as long as your fingers are a little used to the strings, and keep a light touch it seems plainly impossible

so with a light touch, a little bit of calusing will be more than enough right..
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Is putting superglue in an open cut really clever?

its what superglue was made for apparently

edit - my bad, it had already been invented, then people started using it on wounds in vietnam
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Super Glue is not good for sealing up cuts. It contains like trace amounts of cyanide or some similar chemical.

Crazy Glue is the one they use for cuts and for bare-foot water skiers i think.
Dude, I love my fingers to be rough! lol It's like this one chick once, picked my guitar up and started messing with it and cut herself, she bled all over my guitar. I came back and there was blood everywhere... i thought it was some sort of godly act or something. god telling to stop playing so much lol but then she comes out with a friggin band-aid on her finger. i was like "dude!" lol
Quote by 12345abcd3
Is putting superglue in an open cut really clever?

they have that "liquid band-aid" stuff... so i guess people were like hey let's put glue on our cuts but make it so people don't get infected
Best thing for small cuts is lime juice. The acid cauterises the wound, it will hurt like hell tho.
^ fire cauterizes, acid dissemilates objects at the molecular level. if you really do tear your finger open you can use a hefty amount of nu-skin which is basically glue thats safe to use on open wounds, i believe it has alcohol in it to disinfect and yes it stings for a minute.

best thing to do is to stretch before playing, not just your fingers but your hands and arms as well. this can help prevent carpal tunnel and will also loosen up muscles. i have the beginning stages of carpal tunnel right now and i'm starting to do stretching exercises before i play so that it hopefully doesn't get any worse. btw there is a nerve that runs all the way down your neck, shoulders arms and into your hands, this is the nerve that gets compressed during repetitive exercises and is what causes carpal tunnel. take good care of your hands and make sure to take breaks when playing for extended periods. i would suggest stopping after an hour or 2 and doing a good stretch again and giving your hands at least a 5 minute break before you keep going.