I was wondering whether the gibsons that are under a grand (that is the studio, BFG, faded studio etc.) are worth paying that sort of money for.

The Epiphone les pauls are nice but I've always been after a kocher Gibbo...but are they worth the money? that's more so than getting an Epi custom...

I thought as I'm in halls for at least two more years, I should put off getting a really nice tube amp until I can use it to its full potential, and just use my little practice amp...however it's about that time when I'm after new gear...and I could use a new guitar

So what do you think?
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They are really a gamble. I've played some Studios that are obviously of pretty high quality, then picked up one next to it and felt it was worse than an Epi Standard. So a general rule of thumb with lower end Gibsons is to play before you buy, and if you like it, take home the same one you played. I would personally go with an Epiphone Elitist instead. They seem to have better quality control, and better pickups.
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Dont only keep your mind on Gibsons. Ok, they are very nice instruments, but you have to pick a good one out.
Look into Tokai, Burny, Orville, Maya, ...
Big chance you find an instrument that will do very well too.
Washburn USA Custom Shop
^ +1 on those japanese copies. edwards too.
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