the song has a nice mellow vibe to it. you can really relax while listening to the song.
the vocals were good, better than most you hear on the radio these days
and the lyrics seemed good too.

overall good work.
This reminds me A LOT of Every Rose Has It's Thorn! I like it a lot though. I can't crit much, because I honestly don't know much about the 'genre' of music you're playing, and nothing caught my ears as a mistake/something that needs to be fixed. It's a very 'full' song and it definitely kept me entertained throughout the entire thing, great work! If you ever record this song where you have the chance to have more than 1 track, I'd even go for an acoustic guitar solo. I just think it would fit well. Great vocals, they over power the guitar, but not enough to make it sound bad.

Also: Welcome to UG! I noticed that you're new here, and I think you'll fit in great. Thanks for the crit, too.
Quote by HunterRiggs10
Great vocals, they over power the guitar, but not enough to make it sound bad..

You know, you're the second person to mention that. Is it overpowering in the recording (i.e. "too loud in the mix", clipping the mic, etc.) or is it too strong for the song, meaning the dynamics call for something a little softer?

Cause I tell you, in terms of how it feels to sing (and I've been working on my voice for over 15 years, always having a bit of a complex over it) it feels great to belt **** out.
    I like the over powering, I was mentioning it as a good thing! You didn't do it too much, but just enough to catch my attention. You aren't clipping or being too stronger, just being louder than the guitar. Which is good, because nothing makes me madder than when I can kinda hear vocals but they aren't singing loud enough to be heard. rofl
    I like the chord progressions, but I'm not a fan of the vocals. It sounds like you are trying too hard. If you redo the vocals, try to soften them and not sound so forced
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