lately i have been having bad guitar days. seems like i keep screwing up, im just playing slow now so i dont get super pissed.
feels like i suck but i no i dont.

any of you feel like this ?
Sometimes I do. Yesterday I played so **** at my band practice it was unbelievable. The worst part is I know I was better than the stupid mistakes I was making,
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all the time, it happens.
its like anything in life, you have good days and bad.
somedays ya cant eve talk properly and you've been doing that since you were in baby pants.
yeah man - sometimes you just have bad days. One time I punched my guitar and I jammed the pickup inside. lol
I read in an interview once that the main thing Joe Satriani practices nowadays is playing well consistently, not just scales and modes etc. So in other words, practice cos it happens to everyone.
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yeah man - sometimes you just have bad days. One time I punched my guitar and I jammed the pickup inside. lol

i just lol'd
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yeah man - sometimes you just have bad days. One time I punched my guitar and I jammed the pickup inside. lol

too much halo
if i have a day where i just seem off i usually switch it up and maybe write lyrics, or find something else constructive to do for a bit, then i usually can sit back down and melt some faces.
Here's advice I read a long time ago.

If you notice yourself sucking, it just means your at the beginning of a new level.

In otherwords, use your suck to help yourself see what needs improving!

Make it a positive thing
No, you just suck. Burn your guitar and find a new hobby.

... I kid, I kid.
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Bad bass day today. Very...VERY...annoying considering there isn't much else to do, hah. :/
yeah, it happens once every little while. You just gotta work through it and plow forward. Don't let it get to you, it even happens to Vai.
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I've been playing 21 years and I still have those days, it's like any other hobby, I have some really bad fishing days as well, although coming home having caught nothing tends to put me in a far worse mood than screwing up on my guitar.
i know what u mean, it happens to me with singing as well as guitar, i know i can sing ok but when i dont feel too great it just sounds wrong, maybe cause i just play covers and it can be tricky to sing like the original, e.g i tried to cover mr soul neil young unplugged and my singing just sounded wrong. i think if i was singing my own song it would sound lish but i dont have one yet
especially when ur pissed off n are look for playing guitar to pull u up. Then wen u play **** u feel even more ****ter. Damn it was my day 2day
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the neck?
i view the "bad days" as the whole "you have to destroy to create" because it seems like when i suck for a few days, after words i write a killer riff and turn it into a great song for my band. I just got out of one a few weeks ago. Everybody gets them, they are lying if they say they dont
Just practice scales and the fundamentals every day. Don't forget to warm up, work on your speed and just keep play until you get it.
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if it makes you feel better,
im having an awesome guitar day.
Never, I repeat NEVER! Have i played as well and as cleanly as i have done today, NEVER! Had i got a tone i was completely satisfied with (for my new amp that is) until today.

Now if only everything else today went well.
You have to learn to take that negative energy from the mistakes and turn it into something good.
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