Tube Screamer

that should do
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i would run it, whammy, tube screamer, fuzz, wah, delay,

different pedals work better in different orders though, just mess about until you get the sound you like best
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fx loop i believe screws with your tone, i perfere it going through the amp

Yeah but Delay sounds shit anywhere else
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not an anolog delay, and i would rather have ****y delay then bad tone

How the hell would putting a delay in the FX loop ruin your tone? Whoever told you that is talking bollocks
There is a basic rule


It should go

Clyde Wah-Whammy- (depending on whether you keep screamer on most of time or as a boost this would change, if you use a it as a boost than put it after the fuzz, if not put it before)-Delay
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Yeah but Delay sounds shit anywhere else
Only if the amp isn't clean, if you're using a distorted amp then you want the Delay + Reverb in the loop, but on a perfectly clean amp you can improve the tone by putting it before.
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