i just randomly thought of this but do u remember the xfl where they had a bunch of ex-wrestlers and it was owned by Vince macman. then it was rated MA. dont know why but i just thought of this
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Actaully it was owner by Bill Goldberg.

And it had its first game on my birthday February 11th.

I personally thin it wasn' such a success because it was like arena football, just with no rules.
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HAHAHA, that was so fail! No fair catches! Lulz It was ex-wrestlers and people who couldn't get into the NFL (although a few did afterward like Tommy Maddox) But yeah, that was a fun car crash to see!
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No, I was busy...like...living a life...
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The football thing? haha o yea, i completely forgot about that thing... Didnt they lose like a lot of money at the end of the first season so they didnt do it again?
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All I remember were the scantily clad cheerleaders.
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I remember that

Sadly, I was the threatened.
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i used to have an XFL hat. then i got drunk and lost it.

i remember they got in trouble because the team names weren't politically correct. apparently "rage" and "maniax" are offensive to mentally ill people.