Ok so what is the worst thing a girl was ever done to you for checking her out, asking her out, ect. I might make a poll if I get some good anwsers.
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The Dual Rectifier is my sexy finishing move.

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Nobody knows the words to Evenflow, they all just go "bramamamamamamamamaamamamabooowwllofcornflakes"
There was a thread with the exact same title a few days ago.
And what is more, there's been a bloody purple nose and some bloody purple clothes that were messing up the lobby floor. It's just apartment house rules so all you 'partment fools remember : one man's ceiling is another man's floor.
Said: "I do."
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I release my inner liberal every morning when I take a shit.
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I wont be like those jerks who dedicate their beliefs to logic and reaosn.
wasnt there a thread on this only the other day. where some guy had his axe thrown off a bridge???
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