Anyone else there?


The crowd in the pit was really great, a lot of aggression, but it wasn't stupid. Elbows were down in the pit mostly.

Bodom played amazingly well last night, and I've seen them on multiple occasions.

In Flames totally reaffirmed my love for them, despite a pretty ****ty song choice in my opinion.

Megadeth, with the exception of Chris Broderick wasn't great. Well, actually I can't really say. While the sound was super clear for every other band, Megadeth's sound was an absolute mess. The only thing that cut through was drums, and Chris's leads.

Was anyone else there?
I was at the Toronto show the night before, and Megadeth really stole the show. And Bodom too. I was surprised at how good In Flames was. But, Megadeth was good in TO. Just bad acoustics/sound technicians in London I guess.

Also, Broderick did an 8 finger tapping solo. Did he do that there too?
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Ohhh yeah. Chris is absolutely crazy. He stole the show from Megadeth. It must've been the sound techs. Both times I saw Megadeth in the JLC they sounded awful.. I couldn't hear Mustaine's singing or playing at all. All i heard was the drums and broderick's solos - which was good enough for me.

The economy of motion in his left hand is amazing.

Was mustaine into the show in Toronto? In London he seemed pretty indifferent.
I've heard that Megadeth's sound problems have been quite persistent throughout a lot of the tour.
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Was mustaine into the show in Toronto? In London he seemed pretty indifferent.

He was fairly into the show, but nothing extraordinarily enthusiastic.
sounds like I missed a good show, my wife and I had tickets but had issues at the last minute as far as babysitting for our 4 year old so didn't make it, maybe if he was a little older we would of brought him.
I saw that toronto show, I think that In Flames really stole the show.

Megadeth seemed to bored on stage, and they played everything too fast, and sloppy.
Agreed man. Well, Chris Broderick seemed like he was having fun - and he's never sloppy haha.

As a whole I thought Megadeth kinda sucked.

In Flames sounded amazing - their tone was awesome, but the crowd in london sucked for them. I didn't care, I had my arms over the barricade!

Did you catch Job For a Cowboy and High on Fire? I couldn't cause I was still at work.
As far as the Toronto show went for me...

High On Fire were very impressive! I liked them a lot!

JFAC wasn't my thing after 2 songs I just left and bought food and merch.

Bodom had a massive crowd reaction, got plenty of pits going and Alexi gave a very solid performance. I used to think he was slightly sloppy live, but he killed it on the 30th.

I didn't know any In Flames songs except for Graveland and that was really cool. They didn't "steal" the show though. Bodom (of course 'Deth as well) had a much bigger fanbase and generally put on a better show. Easily the weakest out of the 3 'big' bands on this tour. All IMO, of course. I liked some of the melodic lead guitar phrases, and Anders cracked some good jokes and headbanged like crazy!

Megadeth had some sound problems with Dave's voice and guitar in the beginning, but by In My Darkest Hour that got cleared up. Maybe it's because the sound guy split the guitars into different channels and I was RIGHT in front of Chris's, but Dave's sound was drowned out. Chris kicked ass (sort of rushed a few arpeggios in Hangar and Tornado, but what the hell) and the rhythm section was pretty good from what I could tell.

Dave's vocals and guitar were easily the weakest links...he may have had a voice problem (at the end of the show as he was talking he sounded pretty tired/raspy). His playing was sloppy at times as well, but it generally kicked ass. Just not an impeccable performance like Chris. The intro to Burnt Ice was AWESOME.