I don't know if they're known outside of england in the way they're known inside, but if you listen to dance songs in england they always have really, epic lol sort of background music and a really high pitched, or epic female voice over the top before they break into some kind of like, rhythm...

I want to make one, just for fun lol, any suggestions for software?
I don't think that there is a program that lets you create high pitched female voices ... Or is that not what you wanted?
I don't know what the hell you're talking about, and obviously nor do you.

However, software: Acid Pro for dance stuff, Cubase for everything else. However, I may well be completely wrong. Myself, I prefer Cubase.
The genre is called trance, its very well known outside of England and you can create all those beats in a program called Fruityloops. Just not the voices.
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I done this once, it was amazing. I used acid pro for it, it's pretty good. They make them in Scotland aswell it's quite annoying when someone decides to play them on a bus at full volume.
dance = suckage
you can dowload programs offa the net
In music we had to make a dance song... I randomly compiled blockf of sound ans got an A+
not talent in it
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