by the serial number
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Yeah, you could probably just type in the serial number on Google, and find some website that explains all the numbers. It can tell you a lot about the instrument. That's how I found outmy Blues Jr. was made in 1996... you can probably find the history of different versions of the guitar and stuff like that, too.
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Quote by nirvanax94
I was wondering, is there a way to tell when your guitar was made?

It also kinda depends on what guitar you have (want to buy), 'cause they are each a little diff.

Can you find a S# or ask seller?

guitardaterproject.org has a tool for several diff brands

Not really. The serial number often tells nothing. I know of several brands that you can not date by serial number. Checking catalog scans and learning about the guitar and asking is often the only way to get a solid date, unless you have happen to have a guitar that the company used sequential numbers on or date codes in the serial. The only companies that come to mind that did/do that though are Jackson/Charvel USA, Gibson, MIJ Ibanez, and most of your really high end brands.
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