Basically i am building a guitar similar to matt bellamy's Telecaster body with gibson style pickups. So i have a Kent Armstrong motherbucker to go in it but i also want a P-90 so what i want to know what the best ones are. Please don't put anything that would cost more than $250 or £150
phat cat is good if your guitar is routed for a humbucker but want a p90 pickup, you can also try the antiquity 90's they're good from what i hear
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I find Billie Joe's signature P-90 pretty cool
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I would get a Gibson P-94. Its a humbucker-sized P-90, and imo, would look better with another humbucker. And, if you decide later you want a different humbucker, you dont have to change anything on the body.
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I cant a pricing for those P-rails they look sweet!

I don't think there's a lot of places that stock them yet, but I've seen them on the 'Bay for $90-100.