Hey guys,
I have a Vintage Icon V100 guitar (les paul copy). It came with wilkonson pickups, is it worth getting better ones and will it make it sound better or would it be better to just buy a real gibson les paul? Also if you think i should change Pickups what do you recomend (I play old rock mainly like Slash stuff and Zeppelin but also play some modern rock.

Cheers guys.
i know changing pickups on an epi les paul makes it sound pretty damn close to a real gibson. maybe your guitar is the same thing, you'd have to ask someone who knows alot about V100's
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Upgrading pickups is IMHO the best thing you can do for a lower-end guitar to better the tone. I put some Duncans in my Les Paul Special and it sounds incredible. Tuning heads would be a good second upgrade choice.
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What amp do you own?

Atm I own a bad fender amp but I am buying a good Vox amp in a week for about £500.
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I'd look into something that isn't a vox, unless said amp is a valvetronix.

£500? Is it an AC30? If so, the tone improvement should be way greater than any pickup change
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£500? Is it an AC30? If so, the tone improvement should be way greater than any pickup change

Yeah I will buy a vox like that probably...but should I get new pickups as well as the amp?
Definetly new amp.

If you use the amp that you have now with the new Pickups, You won't hear much of a difference sound wise.

I think the VOX ac30 is 1,400? USD?
the valvetronix is good though, I just think that you'll hear a bigger difference if you get an ALL TUBE amp.
new amp helps more than pups to the tone
but pickups also change the tone, and they can make a huge diference
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Just wait till you have the amp.

Once you have the amp then you have to think "What do I what to change about my pick-ups?"

Changing pick-ups is a good way to tweak your sound. You say you want it to "sound better" but better sounding is going to be different depending on who you ask.
I played a Vintage V100 once and I thought the pickups were really good. They sounded almost exactly like the Gibson Burstbuckers I have in my LP.

Definitely get a new amp.
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Yeah I will buy a vox like that probably...but should I get new pickups as well as the amp?

if you're getting an ac30, i'd wait until you get the amp- first of all, the new amp might make a big enough change to your tone to not need new pickups, but even if you do, it's best to wait until you have the amp to see how you want the pickups to influence your new amp tone.

if that makes sense.
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I wouldn't bother changing pickups - the Wilkinson ones in your guitar are pretty decent.
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