So as you can see in my profile and username I like the bands OAR and Dave Matthews Band a whole bunch Anyway...they are generally classified as "jam bands", they make great cd's and are outstanding live. So during their concerts they usually have plenty of solos and just freestyle jams that can go on for god knows how long.

This brings me to my question: How long can/should you jam until the audience gets bored with it?

For me I love listening to jams, especially long ones (my longest is a half-hour jam by DMB) but I'm guessing for some who aren't as avid of fans it might seem boring. Especially if you don't play/love music.

So, thanks for the replies in advance. (I'll probably thank you again)

EDIT: ... and sorry for spelling "experienced" wrong in the title.
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i think 20 - 40 mins is a good range
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