Hey guys, TwentyFourHoursToLive has finished our EP due to come out in about a week, we will post the songs on here. Our full album "The Price of Life and the Cost of Death" with guest appearances!! Due to come out May 20th and we shall post it too.

Release Date (TBA)
EP Title: Str8 Ouuta Hrdcre CT
EP Track listing:
Buried Under Six Feet of Rotten Soil
The Common Tendancy to Spontaneously Kill
Dark Room Autopsy Performance

Full album will be titled "The Price of Life and the Cost of Death"
Track listing:
1. Power Hungry
2. Trechery Fueled by Brutality feat. Jonny Davy (Job For A Cowboy)
3. The Foul Resurrection of God
4. The Unlogistical Slaughter of Innocence
5. Flesh Wound (Infectious Epidemic)
6. The Sweet Stench of Hatred feat. Frank Palmeri (Emmure)
7. Heretic, Heresy, Chaos, Creation feat. Jonny Davy (Job For A Cowboy)
8. The Price of Life and the Cost of Death
9. Rorulent Soil
10. Remorse (The Unforgiving Absence)
11. Concieved Through An Act of Hatred (Hatebreed Cover)

Line - Up
Evan Kaiman - Vocals/Guitars
Mike Hurley - Bass (Live & Studio)/Vocals/Drums (Studio)
Arthur Field - Drums/Vocals
Rob Gonzalez - Guitar/Vocals/Bass (Studio)
Jonny Davy - Vocals for tracks 2 and 7
Frank Palmeri - Vocals for track 6

more info later,
Thanks for the support,
Massacre Deicide
yo, Evan Kaiman and i (Mike Hurley) are throwing a little show party this sunday for fun, come see us at Hyde School in woodstock CT at around 3 or 4... email me for more info


Massacre Deicide