The Light and The Glass-Coheed and Cambria. Stairway to Heaven (of course). Brain Damage by Pink Floyd would sound cool on acoustic.
Blackbird is a nice song, I'm working on it right now, I've know the song for ages but never tried to sing and play it.

Other than that here comes the sun by the Beatles is nice, and Fields of Gold, eva cassidy style too. I learned a version on guitarnoise.com, which is more of an interpretation of it (Eva Cassidy style finger picking in the key that sting sang it, although I cant sing like either of them) , but still good.
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j/k, I like some acoustic stuff sometimes.
I like:
New World - Van Halen
Dee - Randy Rhoads
Farewell - Yngwie Malmsteen (I know these 3 are shredders but seriously these are beautiful acoustic pieces)

Tangerine - Led Zeppelin (Translates amazingly to full on acoustic)
stuff like that.
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"316" - Van Halen
"Crazy On You" - Heart
"Tears In Heaven" - Eric Clapton
"Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" - Led Zeppelin

The essentials, IMO.
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"The rain song" by Led Zeppelin is very fun to play. It does have alternate tunings though. And if you don't mind alternate tunings look into "Going to California" as well.
Wish you where here is a nice easy song to play.
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Endless Rain (Instrumental) - X Japan
Tears - X Japan
Dream Theater - The Silent Man
Agalloch - And The Great Cold Death Of The Earth

Just about any song by Dallas Green in his City & Colour project.
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Tommy Emmanuel is an excellent acoustic guitarist and everything I have heard by him has been absolutely beautiful. I highly recommend listening to him not just because he is a great acoustic guitarist but because he is an excellent musician overall.
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Patterns in the Ivy - Opeth

This. Also have a look at Benighted by Opeth, Nothing Else Matters by Metallica and almost anything by James Taylor.