I'm having a little trouble finding the right amp for me and i was wondering what is the best tube amp i can get within the price range of $600 - $800??
depends what you play, but you'd have a hard time beating a traynor ycv 40 or 50 (new).
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Carvin Legacy
I think carvin has a few more in that range. Check out www.carvin.com, they sell direct to cut out the middle man and keep prices low. The Legacy was designed by Master Vai himself but they have many really good amps!
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a Traynor would be good. AC15cc2s are about $530 i think, but you probably want more wattage. Epi Blues Customs are good, they have a tube rectiifier, and can do alot more than blues.

EDIT: Looking at the Carvins, the only ones in that price range are the Vintage series. THe Nomad combo seems great for the price. Its light, and it has 9 total tubes, much more than alot of amps like it.
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+1 on the carvin suggestions. if you play heavier stuff look around for a used V3
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my B-52 AT 112 is pretty sweet. its great but its slightly, and i mean, SLIGHTLY lacking enough to get a great metal tone, and its only 550$. 60 watts, all tube
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Yeah, all of these are good amps, but it really does depend on what style you play.
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try a fender deville or a fender twin. both are fantastic amps with amazing tone and are cheap for such amazing quality.
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