So basically my chain goes guitar>wah>tubescreamer>blue boy deluxe OD>Amp
FX send>tuna melt tremolo>isp decimator>DL4>Return

I want another pedal to put into my chain but i dont know what might be useful/fun to use. I was thinking another delay pedal but i dont know.
any ideas?
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well do you want it for fun or practicality? for practicality id go for something like a chorus or maybe get a better flanger or tremlo. for fun, you cant beat a digitech whammy pedal can you? but in the end its up to you.
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Digitech whammy. Everyone uses one form Jack White to Tom Morello.
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I would get a better tremolo pedal or a chorus, vibrato, maybe a Boss Super Shifter. Lots of stuff in the super shifter, kinda like a whammy, but without the expression pedal and a few other things.

EDIT: How about a fuzz? If you have the money, a Foxx Tone machine would be awesome.
mm im looking for some sort of modulation kind of thing. a wammy sounds really cool. itll sound sweet with some sweep stuff.
i dont really want a new flanger and trem. i use them very seldomly so i dont need an over the top one.
thanks for the suggestions. any more?
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Can I just ask, how do you find your Blue Boy Deluxe?? Have you compared it to a Barber Direct Drive?

Fun Pedal: EHX POG? Or maybe the EHX The Worm.
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