like for example if i have two pedals and i've used the ac adaptor for one of them so far but the other one is low on battery, so overnight i let the adaptor (dan electro 9v) plugged into the pedal.... will it be all charged up?

chances are when you plug a PS in, it bypasses the battery completely.

you'd need a rechargeble battery anyway
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no, usually batteries are not rechargeable except the ones you pay extra double triple...Some devices have protection if they can be used both for AC or DC that , like "stevo" said, bypasses one of the energy sources(usually the battery), but if you pedal doesn't, than it's toast
Nope. A switch in the AC adapter jack disconnects the battery whenever there's an AC adapter plugged in.

Alkaline batteries are not rechargeable. They'll overheat, leak, and possibly explode if you try to recharge them.

Batteries that ARE rechargeable cost a lot more, and generally require higher voltage and controlled current to recharge them. Your pedal would need to have a charge control circuit built into it. I don't know of any pedal that has this.

If you want to use rechargeable batteries with your pedals then use the charger that comes with the batteries. You might be dissappointed, though. Rechargeable batteries will often drain in 1/3 to 1/2 the time it takes to discharge an alkaline battery. They might last through a set, but they probably wouldn't last through an entire night.
also dont leave a guitar cable in the pedal input, even if the pedal is off.
it'll drain the battery.

check out visual one spot adapter kits. for about $30 bucks you can power up to 6 pedals.

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