CHORUS-the perception of similar sounds from multiple sources as a single, richer sound; signal processors design to simulate the effect

...think of two people singing the same note; all you can hear is one note, but the mix of the two voices makes it sound much richer..another example to explain chorus is the sound a 12 string guitar makes compared to a 6 string.
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It takes your signal, detunes it slightly, and replicates it several times based on the "depth" knob is set. Most also have a "rate" setting, which acts like a phaser or a vibrato effect.

The rate, if I understand correctly, adjusts the phase of the frequencies. When you have two instruments very slightly off tune from each other, you get the chorus effect, which is the shimmer caused by the "out of phase" "into phase" nature of the frequencies interacting with each other. The greater the rate, the more out of phase the frequencies will get..

Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but thats my understanding.
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if you listen to Don't Cry by G N R, i believe it's Izzy who uses it on his clean parts like the intro (which happens to be the verses also) and chorus. adds a nice slightly out of tuned sound to what's played.

another more in depth presence of the effect is in Nirvana's Smells like teen spirit. the verse is simply two notes ringing out with a chorus obnoxiously (but somehow still works well) put to a good depth. makes it sound like it's kinda quivering somewhat-but not like vibrato exactly. the solo also has this effect.

i dont' care much for chorus unless it's on clean guitar.
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