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Jimi Hendrix Monterey Strat
15 39%
SRV Charley strat. (with Lipstick Pickups)
15 39%
Some kind of parts-caster based on a 50s guitar
7 18%
other (please tell me what your idea is. i would like it to be a strat though)
1 3%
Voters: 38.
hey guys, im planning on just buying a bunch of strat parts and assembling them this summer. i will probably buy most of it from ebay, particularly the body. hopefully i can find a good deal. andyway, there are three different strats im wanting to make. 2 of them based on famous strats, and one just a regular old strat. (probably will be a 50's strat)

the first choice, which will be very hard to do, i think, is the Jimi Hendrix Monterey Strat.

my second choice is a replica of SRVs white strat with lip stick pups in it. I think he called it charley.

my third option would basically just be a parts-caster. as of right now, i think i would probably do an old red fender color, with a maple neck (i already have a sunburst/roseood neck guitar.) it would also probably have some type of 50s pickups.

so UG, which do you think i should do? any input? also, if you have any other idea, thats totally cool. im open to anything. thanks alot.
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I like the SRV one. With a '70s headstock painted like his, it would look awesome, and have a different sound to it. The Monterey Strat would be too difficult IMO.

EDIT: The SRV guitar is mising the lower tone control, which is odd. Dont leave it off, definately keep it.
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yeah i think it would be very hard, but im willing to try.

thanks for the input
Charley was a hard tail, in case you didnt know.
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Charley was a hard tail, in case you didnt know.

yeah thanks, i took a mental note of that the other day when i was watching a SRV DVD, but i already forgot. thanks alot
im going to bed now. i need to bump this before i go. give me your input y'all
i say do the SRV one. that would be cool to have the lipstick tube pickups. OR, maybe combine both the SRV strat and the hendrix one to have a guitar with lipstick tube pickups and some sort of design on the body like jimi's. maybe not the same though. it would be better to have something original on it.
From that photo, i think the SRV one looks nicer, If it's hard tail would the body still have the route for a whammy? Cos that might hinder the tone. You could fill it in, if the worst came to the worst.
mix both, do the monterey strat with lipstick pickups
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im liking the monterey/charley idea. thats pretty sweet.

and ti the guy asking about the whammy route, i would buy a body for a hardtail strat if i chose to do a charley.

keep going with suggestions though
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I say do a hardtail strat, rosewood neck with the big headstock (cbs or precbs, I can never remember which is which), lipstick pickups (maybe a regular single coild in the bridge, but thats my personal preference and it may look bad), and the two tone paint like the monterey with or without a design.

...that was a long sentence