Verse 1
The seductive, sinful taste
That keeps us bound together
It never feels like a waste
When it leaves your mouth
A shattered mind spews blasphemy
Schizophrenia rapes your life
In the fractured reality
Bloodshot eyes cast a fleeting glance
Spoken these words are the truth
Clean out the infected with efficiency
You were never among the chosen few

This hatred fuels me
Equivalent to primal ecstasy
Feeding on the weakend man
Feast on his still-beating heart

Verse 2
You wish for total rule
But supremacy is not your strong point
I live this hate eternal
Annihlate these brain-dead fools
Unbearable pain, enslaved by despair
Imprisoned in your windowless cell
I waste no time on the hollow sympathies
You deserve to wither in this hell
Drunk on immearsurable stupidity
Never climbing out of your hole
Kill, torture, and tear
Ripped apart, your once valiant soul


I'll claim my own life
Just to sacrifice myself
Because I know
I can't escape this purgatory!