I have a Schecter C-1 Classic which I bought last October. Everything worked fine until about a month ago. The Classic has a 5 way pickup switch with 2 humbucker pickups. The 5 way pickup switch allows you to split the pickup to a single coil...and for about a month now when I use the the switch in humbucker mode (bridge pickup) the sound is very faint...as if the connection is bad. It sounds like I have my guitar volume knob set to the 1 position. If I set the switch to single coil mode it works fine. I contacted Schecter support and they sent me a new pickup switch in the mail. Schecter's have a lifetime warranty...but it was cheaper for me to have it fixed locally than to ship it. So I had it installed professional (just to make sure it's done right). It worked for a day with the new switch...but the next day it screwed up again! If I slowly position the switch in between single and dual coil mode I can sometimes get the dual coil mode to kick in. To me this still proves that the switch is the culprit. This would mean that Schecter has a whole batch of defective switches out there and I happen to get 2 of them. So I was wondering what I should do next??? I already emailed Schecter twice to let them know that the new switch didn't fix the problem...but they don't respond! Should I buy a new pickup switch from a different company and try that? What are your suggestions. I thank you in advance.
I thought about that...but when I force the switch in between positions I can manage to get it to kick on... Strange huh?
What is the highest quality switch you can buy? I don't want to have to replace it again for a long time!
Finally...a follow up. My guitar's been in the shop for over a week now. The guitar tech spent 2 hours trying to get a switchcraft pickup switch into my guitar. But he said he just can't get the wiring to work with that switch. I even gave him the schematics from the Schecter website. Has anyone here ever installed a Switchcraft pickup switch in a Shecter C1 Classic before. If so, can you explain how?

If anyone has any suggestions as to which brand of pickup switch fits in this guitar please let me know. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Tbh it's probably the wiring, i have an Epiphone Les Paul 100 and the same thing happened to me, and after a while without me trying to fix it properly the guitar just went silent. i went to my local guitar shop and they gave me a number for a guy that used to work for fender and is now a guitar tech, he just resoldered and replaced some wiring and it was good to go, but he said it was also a loose connector in the switch.

my bet is that it's the wiring