One amp that i've been looking at and considering to buy for about a month is the Fender deluxe hot rod.
What is your opinion?
Fantastic cleans, and brilliant with pedals. Won't do much more than a fuzzy overdrive however (That sounds good, it can do Death Metal, if you really really want it to, but it'll sound piss)
my friend had this amp and i thought it was a great value. great tube sound. just depends what you are playing of course
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Quote by thejester
my friend had this amp and i thought it was a great value. great tube sound. just depends what you are playing of course

most likely i'll be playing either blues rock or alternative/indie nothing that needs a very heavy distortion so i figure it'll be good for me.
the 4x12 sounds AMAZING! Best clean I've ever heard I'm actually saving up for it now. Just throw a Boss overdrive in and it is unstoppable.
Buy the amp. Love the amp. Dump your girlfriend for the amp. marry the amp.

That's too hyperbolic but the amp is fantastic, if you're into combos you should definately invest in it. Buy Visual Sounds Jekyll and Hyde if you want to really expand on what you can get out of the amp. The overdrive works best with single coil guitars, with a humbucker guitar the tones are just ok(that's why I recommend the Jekyll and Hyde).
It's a great amp.

If I was on a budget, this would be the amp I would buy.
But, since I wasn't, I bought a CBB. But, the HRD is a fine amp.
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i have the amp. i love the amp. there are alot of nay sayers about this amp. i love it. great cleans. i thought about selling it and buying a deluxe reverb. but after playing through some, i realized that the deluxe reverb isnt THAT much better. at its not a few hundred dollars better. you may want a tubescreamer with it. i use one. and if im feeling like a iwant some heavier sounds, the TS tightens up the od channel quite a bit aand gives you plenty of useable gain.

you can hear a great pretty clean sound of it if you go to my profile and listen to the miles davis cover, tune up. when the solo starts you can hear it great.
i have one too, love it. agree with the above comments about great cleans, which is what i want 90% of the time. not great on overdrive/distortion unless you chuck a pedal of your choice in.
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