I have a cheap yamaha and when its plugged into an amp it makes a constant fuzzy buzzing noise (it's pretty loud too). When I play something the sound seems to dissapear, which leads me to believe its a pickup problem. Has anyone encountered anything like this and fixed it? thanks.
Does it stop whenever you touch anything metal on the guitar?
If so, then it probably is a ground-issue.
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I'm not sure if it's the same problem as me, but my guitar teacher told me that it was my amp and he was right, ever since i got a new amp it disapeared. But it could be because of cheap pickups. What kind of amp do you have?
Its a cheap guitar dude with crappy pickups-they do that. You want the buzzing to go away than either get better gear, humbuckers "hum" less than single coils, but even good gear can buzz a bit, or maybe your too close to your amp, or other electronics. Your gain might be cranked, so maybe turning that down a bit...or get an ns-2 or other noise suppressor/gate. With my gt-8 and akg wireless system I have absolutely zero noise thuru my AT-100 and 4x12 cab.
its a grounding issue. chances are its a dodgy solder joint somewhere, and thats what causes it to sometimes stop buzzing.

either resolder the grounds, or get someone more experienced to check it for ya.

oh, and its not dangerous.
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