I currently own a Seagul Performer Cut away with built-in pickups. It sounds great on its own, but I am having some sound difficulty when it is plugged in. Whenever I turn up the bass knob on either the guitar's controls, or the amp's, I get a really loud feedback sound. It's like this terrible screeching sound or something and I'm wondering why this is happening and how I can make it stop. Anyone got any suggestions?
How high pitched would you say it is? Is it a really piercing squeal or the kind of feedback you get when you leave a note to die off and feedback takes over?

If it's the latter, that's just standard feedback. If it's the squealing I'd guess that your guitar's pickups are microphonic.
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um....what kind of amp are you playing it through (that is an acoustic guitar right?)
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i got the same problem with my tokai custom edition strat.

maybe "wax" them but alas i dont know what waxing is LOL
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